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Niki Caro
Jessica Chastain
Johan Heldenbergh
Daniel Brühl
Timothy Radford
Release date:
31 Mar 2017
124 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Gary A :

Moving and powerful film inspired by a true story set in Warsaw, Poland during WW2 and how one family saves over 300 Jews by hiding them in their zoo.

Bryan C :

Shocking, sobering, and inspiring all at the same time. This is an amazing story of courage and heroism in the face of the most brutal incarnation of evil this world has probably ever seen.

Stephen W :

Great story - based on a remarkably true story. Great acting by Jessica Chastain who gives a performance echoing the one Meryl Streep gave in Sophie's Choice. Since that was probably the greatest acting performance of the last 50 years, Chastain isn't QUITE that good, but still great. Hope she's remembered come awards season.

Susan H :

This movie continues at a rapid pace, but it is a bit jumpy. Chastain turns in an Oscar-worthy performance. Based on a true story, was compelling and held my attention to the very end.

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