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Bryan Singer
James McAvoy
Michael Fassbender
Jennifer Lawrence
Nicholas Hoult
Release date:
27 May 2016
144 min
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Production company(s):
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Donners' Company, Marvel Entertainment, Bad Hat Harry Productions, TSG Entertainment, Mel's Cite du Cinema, Kinberg Genre
Amanda S:
This X-Men movie has great special effects and a new cast that fills the expectations in acting for this and future films. However, It lacks from a deep character development, in which I presume it's because in the previous franchise we already saw the characters. Apart from that, some of the rested characters are not given strong motivations, but superficial ones.
X-Men Apocalypse and Deadpool are my favorites so far this year. There does seem to be a backlash against darker superhero films at present and will suffer due to the comedic comic book film trend that seems to be in vogue. In my own opinion, X-Men Apocalypse movie was superb taste of fantastical escapism. It was filled with striking performances, clever dialogue and intriguing antagonist. I loved the concept of Apocalypse as a character - jaded by the world around him and his metamorphosis into a self proclaimed God. His motivation - perhaps a disconnect from a world that once rejected him the vast distances that grew the further he ascended into greatness and thus a loss of softer emotions. Standout moments include Quicksilver's scene which were magnetic and captivating, thus replacing him as my new favorite X-Men character, even eclipsing Nightcrawler much to my surprise. Though it has to be said that Nightcrawler is pure joy whenever he appears. Amazed by all the fine actors in this movie. Magneto and Charles as brilliant as always. Full of action and dynamic visuals. The story is akin to those in mythology - the four horsemen, fall from grace, the prodigal, and godlike creatures that walk the earth. I liked this film immensely. Although opinions are merely dust on the wind. Try to make your own and enjoy a film on its merits rather than be tainted by mob mentality of what everyone likes.
Patricia D:
So the X-Men are back and this time they facing the first ever mutant. At this point I'm looking at Marvel's Agent of Shield and thinking isn't that Hive's character? Okay I won't say it similar, but it bloody well is. Admittedly these are mutants in the film and not inhuman (like there really is a difference?), but that's cause of who owns the right to whatever... Okay, okay this is still a entertaining two hours of comic action. It starts in the Nile Valley in 3600BC with the mutant Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) being overthrown and locked away in his temple. Fast forward to 1983 and being accidentally awakened and all hell breaks loose. Mixed with the continuing story of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Raven/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and the new group of X-men. With scenes of mass destruction, action and adventure that you expect with most comic book movies. It's worth the price if your a fan and yes there is a short post credit piece. Not quite 'CA: Civil war' but pretty close. Go on have some fun.
Heather P:
Acts as a direct sequel from the ending of Days of Future Past, Singer continues the main themes of family, struggling to accept oneself and the challenge of letting go of the past in expanding this ambitious mutants universe, though slightly mess up but it is still a competent film. It starts off at a fine pacing with several pieces of subplots to reintroduce the old members, decently surface the villain but due to overloading of stories to tell, there's a lot of flaws especially at the final act as well as some underdeveloped new characters. The story still focuses on the three main characters - Xavier (Professor X), Erik (Magneto) and Raven (Mystique), all deliver promisingly just as previous installments that leads to a very engaging chemistry together with powerful scores by John Ottman, visually stunning effects and a number of fun moments delivered by both Professor X and Quicksilver (although the latter seems to steal the attention much better in two major scenes). The theme of hope might not be quite resonant this time and it might not be the best entry in the trilogy but overall it's more humanly emotional engaging and certainly one of the quite successful superhero trilogy reboot.
Liam P:

'X-Men Apocalypse' goes to the 80's where a new/old batch of mutants must face a new evil and this just may be they're most dangerous task yet. Going into the film this had a really big task ahead of it, especially when coming off what was arguably the best X-Men film to date in 'Days of Future Past'. And how do you top that? Well bringing in one of the X-Men's most well known villains is a good start, but making a good movie is the hard part. In saying that, i thought this movie was very good, it had really interesting characters with strong performances, some cool action, a tad of humor, and who i thought was a strong and effective, yet somewhat predictable villain. Where the film let me down was with the pacing of the film all the way through, and the way it handled and structured the overall story, the writing could have been better.

This film introduced a new and younger cast of familiar mutants that would be tasked with either joining or combating this ancient evil. So i was definitely looking forward to how these new versions of the characters would turn out. And i gotta say that Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Nightcrawler were all great entertaining and compelling characters backed by great performances from the young cast. Whereas characters like Storm, Angel, and even Psylocke were greatly underused/underdeveloped, they spent a considerable amount of time in this film just standing or posing next to Apocalypse not really doing a whole lot to get me invested in them.

After Sansa Stark escaped the clutches of Ramsay Bolton she sought refuge in 'Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters' where she learn of her 'inner phoenix'. But seriously, It was great seeing Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, she really transformed into this character and made me completely forget about her role in Got. She has definitely learn a lot from Game of Thrones and i think she has created a strong enough character here that i think could take a more pivotal role in the future films. Tye Sheridan plays our young Gazerbeam and really stood out as one of the best characters in the film. You get to see him develop and learn to work with his powers and it really does make for one of the strongest and more interesting character arcs of the film. And as always, it wouldn't be an X-Men film without even more emotional and/or physical conflict between Professor X and Magneto. And even though it may feel like we have done this dance many times before, watching these two characters and their relationship is always one of the biggest highlights of these movies.

As for our villain, the big bad, i thought he was a strong villain that served his purpose and was entertaining to watch, but was somewhat predictable at times. One thing that i didn't get from the trailers was the extent of Apocalypse's power, i didn't feel like he was this huge evil and the strongest mutant ever as he had been previously described. Yes i get that for the 10th time "everything they've built will fall", but i wasn't getting that before the film, but after seeing the film, shit definitely fell alright. The film did a fantastic job at introducing him with a killer opening sequence (one that made me want an X-Men film set in Ancient Egypt), and you get a good idea of who he his and why people would worship him. Poe Dameron turned to the dark side and donned a blue getup to do a solid job at playing this evil mastermind. Apocalypse could have just easily been a one note, emotionless, evil, i want to kill everyone kind of villain, but he wasn't really. They did straddle that line a little during certain parts of the film but Oscar Isaac bought enough character to this guy that i didn't mind watching him.

The action is overall pretty fun, there are some surprising action scenes in there i won't spoil, but most of the action was great to watch. Some action scenes felt a little average, where i wasn't really invested in the conflict going on between the characters but that's just a minor thing.

As for where the film drops in quality........ the structure, the writing, and the way they handled a lot of the events in the film were not done that well. For instance, Apocalypse's recruiting stage was done in the laziest, most effortless way i know and was slotted in between the other storylines and made it feel like it went on for way too long. The writing of a lot of the more personal character relationships and emotional interactions were perfectly fine, its just how the film was structured and paced with the main events, and other smaller moments that just felt a little messy to me. It did quell my enjoyment of parts of this film a little, but overall it is still a good superhero film you can enjoy.

So in the end, this is a film that I'm not going to say you will love, but I'm also not gonna say you won't like it. It is getting mixed reviews that are high, low and in the middle somewhere, so it is best to check it out for yourself and form you own opinion. But if you are a fan of the X-Men franchise chances are you are bound to get a lot of enjoyment out of this film. And keep a listen out for a great little jab at X-Men The Last Stand, it's quick, but man it's great.

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