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Amma Asante
David Oyelowo
Rosamund Pike
Jack Davenport
Tom Felton
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10 Feb 2017
111 min
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This is a remarkable story, the film is well crafted, and wonderfully played by a fine cast. As someone who lived on the African continent for 17yrs , I say that the film has balance in it's depiction of both cultures (British & African) is commendable indeed and clearly observes the tensions for both.


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie although, upon further research, realised this took place over decades rather than a few years. Great cast, wonderful cinematography and superb acting


A British film that makes Winston Churchill a villain is one worth noting, but this beautifully acted film also tells a true story worth knowing about and one that still has relevance today.


A UNITED KINGDOM suffers from sanitisation. It's all too nice to look at. The story itself is interesting and significant, but it's all sweetly acted and oversimplified to the extent that it doesn't have the emotional power a remarkable true story like this should have. There are a few worthy moments: the developing romance between Seretse (David Oyelowo) and Ruth (Rosamund Pike) is good, and the speeches made by Seretse to his people are moving. There are also some pretty tense moments between Seretse and British government officials that are jaw-dropping. incredible. A UNITED KINGDOM is worth watching, but it is all a bit too nice and cosy to have a lasting impact.


A United Kingdom features an invigorating performance from David Oyelowo and fine work from the remaining cast, leading to a gorgeous, brazen film that will shake any idealist (or, indeed, anyone with a heart and brain).

Andrew W :

An ultimately uplifting film about the fight for racial equality and justice in what is now Botswana, all the more striking because it is rooted in a true story. The British Government of the time does not come out of this well, portraying a despicable, manipulative faux superiority worthy of a pantomime villain. Well acted and though provoking.

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