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IMDB Rating:
Raúl Martínez
Zamia Fandiño
Jacqueline Bracamontes
Camila Selser
Héctor Bonilla
Release date:
27 Jan 2017
94 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Distant Horizons, Panorama
Rok L :

Not an action movie, or a love story, but one of the best movies I have seen in years. It will have you laughing, plus you might shed a few tears.Many people will see their own stern father in this movie. Great for solo viewing, and perfect for seeing with a partner.


our pick of the week. definitely give this a chance this weekend. this is just the kind of film that we need right now. a heartfelt coming of age story done a different way. it's message will resonate with everyone and leave your heart full and belly aching from all the laughing.


A heartwarming, humorous and touching story about a senior citizen, extremely set in his ways, coming to terms with a big wide world he's chosen to ignore for far too long. Several subplots serve as teaching moments for 85 year old Don Servando but he's not the only one with lessons to learn. Please don't let the fact that it is in Spanish with English subtitles deter you from seeing this fine little gem.

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