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David Ayer
Will Smith
Jaime FitzSimons
Ike Barinholtz
Margot Robbie
Release date:
05 Aug 2016
123 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Dune Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment
It was a fun and entertaining movie. I'm a DC fan and a Marvel fan so I'm not biased by any means. Critics complain about plot holes and what not but don't listen to them, because comics are full of plot holes and continuity changes but plenty of people still enjoy them. This movie has some short comings sure but it was just fun to watch. Relax, leave you're expectations at the door and let you're inner child revel in the fact that childhood characters have made it to the silver screen. I challenge anyone to watch the first batman movies and all those action movies you grew up with and not find plot holes, things that don't match source material (Batman killing) and some lack luster acting. You still enjoyed those movies I'm sure so what's the difference then and now? It's that you weren't stuck in your own head the entire movie. Let watch Suicide Squad and enjoy movie!
Gerry K:

This was a Will Smith and Margot Robbie movie. They were the stars. They owned every minute they were on screen. We cared about them. Laughed at their jokes, and the action was insanely good.

The side characters were amazingly well done, as well. My daughter and I cried in a couple scenes with Jay Hernandez. His character, despite the crimes he committed, somehow grabs your heart. I loved the dialogue. This film was a trippy version of the Dirty Dozen; a bunch of criminals given a chance to redeem themselves.

I will buy a ticket to a good redemption film, any day of the week. That is the theme of this film.

I enjoyed Jared Letto's Joker. In fact, I could have used a little more Joker. I hope we get the R rated movie on disc with more Joker. He was a different Joker. Harley was a different Harley. This movie is it's own film.

I enjoyed the movie, want to watch Suicide Squad again,


Extremely entertaining film! Faithful to the source material. Harley Quinn is absolutely fantastic. Loved how she was portrayed. Amanda Waller is as brutal as in the comics. In fact, all the cast did a sterling job.

Why not give 5 stars? Well it suffers the same problem as all films that have too many characters... the characters cannot be fleshed-out in detail. Having said that it did try its best to portray the essence of the characters. A sequel would presumably explain their back story further. And I for one would be happy to see another instalment!

Casey William:

Loved the Suicide Squad movie. Its a basic plot that isn't overly complicated which was exactly the problem with Batman v Superman so this was fine.

The characters are the reason you watch this film. Everyone had a moment to shine, will smith was just being will smith (which was all we really want anyway) and margot robbie is a perfect harley quinn. If you are expecting a Dark Knight style joker, I have to say this isn't that. Jared Leto as the joker is fine, not mind blowing but not terrible by any stretch, he just doesn't have much to do, which i think is a credit to the film makers. It was nice to get a tease of the Joker but Im excited to see him fleshed out in future DC films. I recommend every one to watch Suicide Squad movie

Roy S:

Great fun, charming characters, and a tremendous soundtrack. The plot is acceptable. Much like any other summer action flick: "bad thing is happening. send team of misfits to stop the bad thing. along the way, the misfits must learn to work together in a way they never have before." If you go in expecting Citizen Kane, you will be disappointed (and you are foolish). If you go in looking for the Dirty Dozen with DC Comics' villains, you'll have a blast. MArgot Robbie IS Harley Quinn. Jared Leto's take on the Joker is refreshing and I can't wait to see more of it (and if you are a fan of Alex Ross's artwork, you are in for a fun Easter Egg...), and Will Smith is even back to form in this one.

Best thing I can say about this: I had to practically bribe my wife to go see it with me. She saw Man of Steel and BvS Ultimate Cut and thought they were ok. Liked them... didn't love them. She is a HUGE fan of Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker and was not looking forward to anyone trying to fill those shoes. She was smiling and laughing through the movie and after it was over kept talking about how much she really liked it... how much she liked Leto.... how perfect Harley Quinn was....even how good Will Smith was and how this was way better than Batman v superman dawn of justice.

Ari R:

Probably my favourite super hero movie that I've seen in a while. I have no clue why this is hated by critics my only guess is that they are bias to marvel movies. I was reading reviews and no one really told me what they didn't like about this movie... No plot? were we watching the same movie. they said it should take a page out of guardians of the galixy and deadpool but I'm sure if they made the movie funny people would be complaining that it was a bad rip off plus I don't want my DC to be funny I want it to be dark and this movie was the perfect balance between the two. My only complaint was the joker wasn't in it as much as he should have been especially because the showcased him in the trailers. (Jared leno was really good and as long as your not expecting oscar winner heath ledger's joker but jareds own take on the role you'll like it.) my recommendation for future viewers watch this movie with out any pre conceived views or biases and enjoy

Daniel F:

A solid entry into the DC universe. Suicide Squad is a breath of fresh air in the mass of recent superhero entries and much better than most critics will have you think. There was laughing, crying, all of the emotions. David Ayer directs a great cast, plenty of action and makes a likeable cross between the Dirty Dozen and Escape from New York. Jared Leto as the Joker leaves much to be desired but the rest of the cast make up for his lack of conviction, especially Will Smith as Deadshot. One to happily add to my collection

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