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Raoul Peck
Samuel L. Jackson
James Baldwin
Dick Cavett
Release date:
03 Feb 2017
95 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Magnolia Pictures, Velvet Film
Jeff S:

The most moving and compelling view of what it is like to be black in America. Told by a writer with a front row seat to the Civil Rights Movement. I will see this many times so it can sink into my heart and mind.


Director Raoul Peck had the good sense to let Baldwin's own words do most of the talking. Combining an unfinished manuscript about Baldwin's friends King, X, and Evens (read by Samuel L Jackson with admirable and increasingly rare restraint) with footage from other interviews, Baldwin's critique of US society and race is so clear, so intelligence, and so relevant that it's almost unbearable to watch. As the credits started, my wife said "I'd see this again right now."


Amazing documentary. James Baldwin is able to eloquently articulate many of the tribulations that are in American society for blacks. The audience can peek into yet another dark, turned page of the history of blacks in America.


Amazing documentary that brings the amazing writing of James Baldwin to life on the big screen. Watching James Baldwin's powerful & influential voice discuss & debate with others, as well as seeing him craft each timeless sentence & phrase is a treat to watch. This is a movie every American MUST see as it paints a picture of a society that many people don't want to see. However, just because you turn away or don't see what's going on doesn't mean it's not happening.

Ashley X :

It's amazing to me that a bunch of people can say "let the past go, stop with this racist rhetoric!" Unfortunately thanks to your ancestors, this is apart of OUR history and it's important to talk about it so our children know the struggle and the importance of rising above a condition that has been placed on them and continues to haunt them. No one tells the Jews to let go of the holocaust or ever tell them to stop making movies about their history and what happened to them. Stole our names, our language our culture, etc and I guess we should just burry the history that did all of this! Blows my mind!!!

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