Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Irons On Assassin’s Creed And Movie Review

The actors (especially Michael Fasbender) were phenomenal in their roles. They really brought their characters to life and had me emotionally invested in the film.

The scenes from the Spanish Inquisition and the assassins in action were what really made this film worth the money! The choreography and stunt work of the performers was nothing short of spectacular! I even saw the BTS of this film afterwards and learned how little CGI they used for the scenes, which I really had to praise them for!

The only real “weak” part of the film is the parallel story between the past and present. The motive of Abstergo to explore the past lives of assassins will be very confusing for most who haven’t seen the films, but for fans of the games it’s what to expect. Aside from the main plot the narrative in the present time can get kind of boring and tedious. There were times in the theater where I was mentally begging the characters to get back in the Animus and get back into the story I really paid to see. They could have done better on the present day narrative in certain parts in my opinion.

I’m conclusion, if you are a fan of the Assassin’s Creed games, you’re really going to enjoy this Assassin’s Creed film!