LEGO Batman Movie “Joker” Interview – Zach Galifianakis

The return of the block buster is almost similar to its original film, filled with a whole bunch of characters but more specific to those DC comic heroes who team up for an overall entertaining adventure. The voice of Batman for the opening and ending is quite Deadpool-ISH and the creativity further expands audience minds when it surprisingly emerges other big properties owned by Warner Brothers that works effectively well on the story. It’s not dark at all as compared to the usual tone of DC superheroes film probably due to its nature as animation and as a family-goers film, it definitely has plenty of laughs, action-packed, scores with shadows of Zimmer’s Dark Knight themes and those bricks do blow out stunning visual effects. Main characters are well engaged especially the unusual version of Batman with Joker, the other small characters might be slightly lack of depth due to familiarity of other films but the relentless pokes of fun have definitely turned this into a comedy for all ages. While the studio is listening to the audiences to improve its DC works, this dark superhero is further pushed to another glorious level from its peak of success in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy thanks to the inspiring idea of combining two huge commercials: The Batman and Lego.