Keanu Reeves Exclusive Interview for “John Wick 2” Movie

This time the story revolves around John Wick, who wanted to clear his debt from the past ending that to become a fugitive in the underworld. He had to survive at any cost where the whole assassins are looking for him to claim the bounty.

The movie is bloody, gore, violent and absolute treat for the action loving cinema-goers. The story was pretty good, filled with adrenaline pumped action sequences but most of the moves are repeating and was tiring for me. But couple of action scenes were top notch and you can see the brilliance of action choreo turned director Chad Stahelski. The background score added the toppings. The dialogues were good. The camerawork was exceptional and convincing. The VFX did a good part in the action scenes especially with the car chase and action in the beginning. But movie has got the lag in between which will ruin your appetite.

Keanu Reeves was totally amazing in the movie with his ice cold mannerisms, dialogue delivery and of course, action. Lawrence Fishburne did a cameo and am expecting him in a full role for the next installment. Rest of the crew including the cast from the First installment were there and did a good job.

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