Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Interview – “Fifty Shades Darker”

The movie picks up a few months after the naïve, but strong recent college graduate Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and the controlling and sexually adventurous billionaire businessman Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) said an emotional “goodbye” by simply uttering each others names at Christian’s elevator. Ana has started a new job as an administrative assistant to Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), the handsome head of the Fiction Department at Seattle Independent Publishing. Christian finds Ana at a gallery showing for a photographer friend and Christian talks Ana into joining him to get something to eat. Soon after, Jack, who has shown an interest in Ana that went beyond the professional, convinces Ana to join him for a drink at a local bar and Christian soon shows up. The two men take out their penises and measure them. Christian wins, taking Ana with him as he leaves the bar, but Jack isn’t quite ready to admit defeat. (That last part was metaphorical, but very much in the spirit of this story, so…)