Assassins Creed: Michael Fassbender exclusive interview

Screenwriters Bill Collage and Adam Cooper who are known for the luke-warm Exodus Gods and Kings, seem to have sacrificed character development for time, or just plain forgotten that one of the first things you learn in any screenwriting class is that an effective story usually has a protagonist who goes through some version of the hero’s journey. We need to identify with them, and if we like them, we hope they succeed. The drama in the film is the result of the audience cheering for the protagonist, and being sad when they lose or fail.

Especially in a strange movie like this that’s full of secret societies and advanced technology, we needed Callum Lynch to be a very likable protagonist for us to go on the ride with. Have him be brash, impulsive, broken at times, disappointed in the life he lost, but show us why he is that way! They start this by showing a small glimpse of his childhood, but that’s all we get, and it’s not nearly enough to establish him. It would have given him so much depth to learn about how he ran away as a child, how he survived, why he killed that pimp, and how the Templars manipulated the system to get him the death penalty.

Also, all we know about Aguilar is that he got his finger cut off, he’s really dedicated to the creed, and he’s a badass with a fondness for Maria. We know almost nothing about him. If we knew more about these characters and more about why they are willing to dedicate themselves to the creed, or enter the animus willingly we would be so much more invested.

I highly recommend to Watch Assassins Creed