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IMDB Rating:
James Gray
Charlie Hunnam
Sienna Miller
Tom Holland
Robert Pattinson
Release date:
14 Apr 2017
141 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Plan B Entertainment, Sierra / Affinity, MICA Entertainment, MadRiver Pictures, Keep Your Head
Marielle P :

Absolutely loved the themes of this movie. Reaching for greatness, father-son is very prominent. Action scenes did not achieve the desired level of effect on the audience. Ending was mostly great, I could do without shot they took to end the movie though.

Daniel V :

At times, moves at a snail's pace but it is every bit the epic it should be. Feels like Hollywood in the best way possible. Superb performances by Hunnan, Miller, Pattinson and Holland make this a must see.

Alex S :

A beautifully shot and well-acted period piece, The Lost City of Z utilizes its beautiful settings and subtextual themes to make for an enjoyable and worthwhile viewing experience.

Terry S :

This film has all the potential to become an all time classic. Charlie Hunnam does an exquisite job at making the main characters real life indulgence and passion for exploration come to life. I highly recommend watching and seeing for yourselves what this terrific cast and crew managed to create.

Joan S :

I saw this movie at the NYFF back in October 2016. I definitely saw it because of Charlie Hunnam. I'm a big fan of his from Sons of Anarchy. His acting the last half of season 7 of Sons was amazing and I knew that he had found his stride and was excited to see how he did in his movies post Sons. I can tell you that he and all the other actors were excellent. The movie was long but the scenes were so captivating and transporting that I barely felt the 2+ hours running time. The cinematography was breathtaking. The incorporation of the indigenous tribes was seamless and respectful. The movie truly felt like it was from another time. This may not be for everyone but I can tell that those who loved it truly thought it was spectacular as I did.

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