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IMDB Rating:
Daniel Espinosa
Rebecca Ferguson
Jake Gyllenhaal
Ryan Reynolds
Hiroyuki Sanada
Release date:
24 Mar 2017
103 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Columbia Pictures, Skydance Productions, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Nvizage
David K :

Life was a fun, thrilling and thought provoking space horror that was relentless with its seemless tension and very interesting plot twist. Ryan Renolds absolutely stole the show and put on a very captivating performance that sucks you in at the very beginning and Jale Gylenhaal aside from a bit of a weak character put on a very notable performance. Not only can I not wait to add this movie to my blu-ray collection but i am also extremely interested in the possibility of a sequel. Here's to dreaming.

Edelson L :

It was thrilling, exhilirating and dark. It was a perfect horror story in space. But that ending had me scratching my head in awe and shock that until now I couldn't agree with my brain how the heck did that happen. Anyways, it's a crown jewel for science fiction and horror fans. Definitely recommended.

Andy D :

5 stars! Brilliant movie. A clever alien movie which didn't come across too over the top or crazy. A brilliant line up of actors. Maybe it's best not to look for living creatures in space. A tense and engaging thriller.

Charles T :

Stealing heavily from both the Alien universe's concept of 'life form as pure destruction' and also from Gravity's use of long suspended floating takes (arguably excessively), Life eventually cements its own place with a great biologic premise and well chosen ending. My biggest complaint: despite how innovatively promising & incredibly ubiquitous the alien starts off as, it's reduced to just another monster by the film's middle.

Katie C :

If you can't wait for the the new Alien movie like myself this movie is perfect. It is exactly what you expect from a Sci fi horror film. A pretty good twist at the end that I saw coming but only because that this movie genre is one of my absolute favorites. I recommend seeing for a good suspenseful familiar story!

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