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IMDB Rating:
Travis Knight
Charlize Theron
Art Parkinson
Ralph Fiennes
George Takei
Release date:
19 Aug 2016
101 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Focus Features, Laika Entertainment
Cullen H.:

Kubo And The Two Strings has smooth stop motion and funny humor mixed with amazing action sequences and even though it suffers from a confusing plot the good stuff makes up for the bad stuff and turns this into a great movie!

Matthew J:

This movie is amazing. From the storytelling to the animation, it's a masterpiece. The only issue I have (and the reason I docked half a star) is that this would have been a great opportunity to utilize an entire cast of Asian voice actors. Instead, the entire main cast was whitewashed. The actual Asian actors ended up voicing characters with very few lines or screen time.

Hayden B:

Some of the most beautiful animation I've seen in a film, ever. The story begins perfectly until we're introduced to some characters presented to entertain the audience with mindless childish humor, and ending on somewhat of a thoughtless note. Otherwise, it is an incredibly beautiful tale.

Jose Miguel:

Laika, once again, managed to deliver another fine product that resembles in its originality, delivering amazing characters, a great build up, and a story that keeps getting bigger and bigger, resulting in a beautifully animated and well crafted film.


great animation with an eastern story we haven't all seen before. too scary for littles but a good-evil family-magic-quest story to rival Harry Potter in theme and conflict.


Absolutely fantastic movie. The movie looks stunning and top notch cgi. All the main leads did a great job too. The movie is also extremely charming, funny, and has a fantastic never boring story. Can't say enough about this movie. This no doubt will be one of the best films of the year.

Scott W:

Displaying from the very beginning the most visually dazzling effort in the stop-motion style to date, powered by one powerful story filled of wit, superb action moments, laughs, emotion and symbolism, and conlcuded with a message that is bound to move audiences of all ages, "Kubo and the Two Strings" is a highly entertaining and rewarding adventure that soars as the best film in 2016 so far.

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