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Paul Greengrass
Matt Damon
Tommy Lee Jones
Alicia Vikander
Vincent Cassel
Release date:
29 Jul 2016
123 min
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Production company(s):
Universal Pictures
Amanda S:
In my opinion this film is par to the Bourne Ultimatum. The hate that this film is receiving is heavily unwarranted and the way that Paul Greengrass does it is way better than they way that Doug Liman or Tony Gilroy did it. I liked how they tied real world events into the storyline and the fight between Bourne and the Asset was the best fight scene in the entire franchise (or at least as good as Bourne vs Desh. People may be used to the way these films have played out since the Bourne Supremacy, but that does not warrant the hate that this film is harboring from the critics and certain fans. Easily believe this should be rated at least 90%.

When I saw some of the less favorable reviews for this movie my hopes were dashed but when I saw it for myself I was pleasantly surprised. This new entry into the Bourne franchise could have easily been just something tacked on and not needed, but it is able to hold it's own while staying true to the series.

The film picks up sometime after the last film in the trilogy and we see what Bourne has been up to. We then see what new program that the CIA has cooked up that Bourne has to put a stop to. The new program is interesting in the sense that it really connects with the issues today with privacy and if it is okay for the government to invade it for the safety of the country. The plot itself is a good continuation of the story that the originals climaxed to. We learn more of the history of Treadstone (the original black ops program) and even more about Bourne himself. The great part is that it doesn't feel as though it was just made up for the sake of the movie. It is written in a way that makes it seems as though these threads were there all along, we just weren't shown them because they weren't relevant to the plot before.

Matt Damon as Bourne is of course as great as ever and Julia Stiles returning as her character from the past films is still great as ever. New to the cast is Tommy Lee Jones a CIA director and he fits the role perfectly, delivering his lines in a way that only he can. But I would say the most interesting ones of the new cast is Alicia Vikander. Her character is the cyber lead at the CIA and she is the one tracking Bourne throughout the film. Her character seems a little boring at first but she comes into her own as the movie progresses and makes me want to see more of her character as either friend or foe.

The visuals are of course top notch, as Paul Greengrass is a fantastic director. Action sequences are better than ever and has one of the series best car chases. The music from the original films returns, which just further solidifies this film as a true part of the series. The only real thing I can say bad about the film is that it goes a little slow at times when people are being trailed and no actual action is happening, but this doesn't bring it down very much.

Compared to the original trilogy I would say it is probably better than the second film but behind the others. It holds its own against the other films even though it may not be quite as good as Identity and Ultimatum. None-the-less if you are a fan of the series then it is a film that you need to go see, as it gives a good continuation of the story of Jason Bourne.

Patricia D:
Jason Bourne kicks off at a high pace and maintains a high octane fueled ass kickery status throughout. I thin he kicks the most ass in this one. James Bond, with the whole might of the British Government behind him couldn't do what this guy does all by himself. Bourne, unsanctioned, rogue, stealth. This guy is always on step ahead. What could be misconstrued as unrealistic, like having keys for all kinds of seemingly random doors, and being able to access and manipulate a buildings entire elevator system from, an elevator using a multi toggled panel. Then you realize, he has those keys because he had made them prior, the "random" elevator with the access panel was not random at all. He installed the panel prior and it didn't show that because Bourne does shit off screen because the level of detail is so broad and he is a freaking boyscout always Prepared. Must Watch
Heather P:

'Jason Bourne' (or Bourne 5) is kind of unnecessary after the superior 'Bourne Ultimatum', but Bourne/Webb (Damon) does find out a little more about his past and why he became a super-spy. Thankfully, the film holds up well as an action film in its own right, if you're not comparing it to the other films in the franchise. It starts Bourne, now in his mid-40s, living off the grid in Greece and bare-knuckle boxing for fun/penance. Unbeknownst to him, Nicky (Stiles) has hacked the CIA and copied all their black-ops files, including "Treadstone", and finds Bourne to tell him what she's found. From there, the hunt begins!

It's kind of like the 'Mission Impossible' and 'Bond' films now, in that if it isn't broke, don't fix it - it's comfortable getting back in touch with the characters and hand-held camerawork that Greengrass uses as Bourne goes around efficiently dismantling the "bad guys" - which usually turn out to be rouge CIA operatives. The Asset (Cassel) is sent to "take care" of Bourne by Dewey (Jones), the craggy old CIA Director. Heather (Vikander) is the up-and-coming CIA cyber-expert and does well to keep you guessing who's side she's actually on.

The fight scenes are fast and furious, the score is great - always pounding away in the background, so you feel like there's never any respite, which there isn't for Bourne - they tick off about six countries, there's an interesting debate on security vs privacy in the digital age, and best of all, the cars chases are exceptional - shot from all different angles, plenty of destruction everywhere and no CGI to be seen! Solid ending too.

Liam P:

Movie franchises can go so long using the same repeated plot device in multiple movies without growing a little tiresome with the next. The first three Bourne movies were loosely based on the novels by Robert Ludlum and a fourth that added a different character and a side story. Jason Bourne is continued by screenwriters Paul Greengrass and Christopher Rouse, who decides to bring back Bourne in a corrupted CIA organization and a concept of post Snowden plot about a program that can over watch everyone. The story is nothing new and a similar repeat of the previous films, Bourne (Matt Damon) uncovers more truth about his past and his motivations of being recruited for the program that made him to be an expensive walking weapon. Nicky (Julia Stiles) discovers more about Jason's past and tries to inform him. In doing so, it leads Jason Bourne back on the trail of exposing the corruption in the CIA director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones). Dewey has been preparing for another program known as "Iron Hand" that will work with a programmer and his device that will spy on everyone.

The plot is repetitive and dull; Paul Greengrass does create some thrilling exciting action sequences from motorcycle chases, fight scenes, and a chaotic Las Vegas strip car chase. With his quick cut editing style and fast camera movements, it does create some confusion and action at an adrenaline pace. The climax of the movie moving to the las vegas strip, and a chase between Bourne and the asset (Vincent Cassel), that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Matt Damon returning to the character is awesome, but also raises questions on were the direction is heading with Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) from Bourne Legacy film being absent this time. The repeated plot mechanism in this installment, like giving more exploration to Bourne's past that sets things back into motion with CIA trying to bring Bourne back or eliminate him. There is corruption with a director in the CIA and a CIA agent Heather (Alicia Vikander) tries to foresee the situation and is hoping to do the right thing. Basically, all this just gives Bourne a reason to go after and be chased continuously throughout with fighting agents and chases in between.

Jason Bourne is an exciting thriller, if you could put aside the plot, and let the action sequences take over. The action does make up for it and is the reason it makes these films worth watching.

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