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IMDB Rating:
Mike Thurmeier
Galen T. Chu
Stephanie Beatriz
Robert Cardone
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Adam Devine
Release date:
22 Jul 2016
94 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Blue Sky Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Animation
Amanda S:

This Ice Age: Collision Course movie is like all of the previous Ice Age movies; funny, hilarious cute, a suitable family kid movie. People who enjoyed Shrek, Toy Story and Despicable Me should enjoy Ice Age too. Blue Sky productions has made awesome movies such as Horton hears a Who, Rio, Epic, Robots not to forget the Peanuts Movie. Those who enjoy Blue Sky productions will not miss out on the best. I believe that Blue Sky computer animated movies are worth watching and not a waste of your monies. Thank you for all your hard work; producers, animators, actors and all others that may go unnoticed. Keep producing more for our entertainment. Way to go Blue Sky Productions!

Djhone G:

Very funny, and educational. Easy to follow story for the kids with great life lessons.

With plenty of animated thrills to sustain both lifelong audiences and casual moviegoers, Ice Age: Collision Course is none the less decently negotiable as a follow up to its jumbled predecessors with its own amount of ups and downs.

This was the best ice age movie ever the story was great but movies are totally subjective

Lisa F:

I am a huge fan of the Ice Age saga, have watched each one numerous times and never tire of them, especially the first film. I was so excited when I heared that there was a new one coming out. I love the beautiful job of Blue Sky Company does with the visuals, especially with its Rio movies. New Ice Age: Collision Course movie is as usual a wonderful comedic Lee Action animated film.

It is visually dazzling and Scrat once again steals the show. I laughed out a loud more he 3-4 times and smiled the rest of the time. That is what I was looking for from this movie, and I got it.

Glenn Kenny:

The fifth Ice Age sequel to come out in cinemas, Blue Sky Studios has once again made me love this series. After the lovely yet sometimes cringe-worthy Secret Life Of Pets and the good yet a little bit overrated Finding Dory, I was anticipating another common average everyday kids film, but what I got was a really crazy close relatives film complete of fun for all age groups. The whole cinema was in stitching from how much they were having a laugh and giggling! The animation is amazing, from the photorealistic designs of the animals to the vibrant background scenes complete of purple feel, and it makes great use of 3D effects, with plenty of gadgets being tossed towards the listeners and a fantastic sense of space in almost every taken of the film. The voice stars are all energetic and they fit their figures completely, with Simon Pegg and Chris Wedge's precious crazy activities. Overall, Ice Age: Collision Course is the only cartoon film worth seeing this year other than Zootopia, with everything you could possibly want from an cartoon close relatives crazy. And by the way- Scrat is again the most very crazy part of an already very crazy film!

Jason Bailey:

wow. Ice Age: Collision Course, being the 5th sequel of this cartoon series, is still nearly as good as it gets while Blue Sky has a say in it. Ice Age: Collision Course is the fifth hit in one of a longest animated franchises of all time. Children will definitely appreciate this humour-filled movie, it's definitely a excellent end to the Ice Age sequence.

There's no way to start an Ice Age movie without our favorite squirrel, Scrat. In his tries to cover his acorn, he results in a traveling saucer and then space, triggering a series of activities that send an asteroid hurtling towards World.

Ice Age 5 Collision Course is a film the entire members of the family can enjoy, but it's definitely more suitable towards the younger kids. In the end, it's just another Ice Age movie, and you're limited to love this particular one if you've experienced any of the other sequels. It has humor, romantic endeavors and moralistic styles, and is a film that's enough to amuse members of the family.

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