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Paul Feig
Zach Woods
Kristen Wiig
Ed Begley Jr.
Charles Dance
Release date:
15 Jul 2016
116 min
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Production company(s):
Columbia Pictures, Montecito Picture Company, The, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Stephen D:

Having literally grown up on a steady diet of Peter Venkman dishing out one liners and insults, the Real Ghostbusters series with Slimer being part of the gang this adaption worked marvels!

The first time I watched it, I felt a little underwhelmed - the changes they had made to my beloved characters, their headquarters, the cameos from classic cast who where different characters than theold 'busters.... but upon seeing it the second time and hopefully many more watches - it has earn't its place in my heart!

The packs may be different, but the Proton Stream still looks the same people!!!!

Anthony E:

This Ghostbusters has a different feel from the original but it stands very well on its own. Great chemistry between the cast. The characters are different from the original movie but they are appealing and hilarious. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are stand outs. Chris Hemsworth is a comedic surprise. The story is solid and the action is exciting. Great movie for the family.

The new Ghostbusters movie stands on it's own. It's not as good as the original which has a lot of nostalgia for me, but it is definitely better than the second movie. The woman do a great job of carrying the torch. Must watch Ghostbusters movie it.

Michael G:

Super fun and entertaining. Although not perfect it definitely hit its mark at a fun summer blockbuster comedy thriller. I had more laughs than the original. My main issue would have to be with Chris Hemsworth's character, male or female, we don't really need anymore stupid blond characters who's major flaws are overlooked because they're attractive. He had some funny bits but a lot of his lines were ridiculously over exaggerated. The ladies' characters were great though, particularly Patty.

However, I wasn't the biggest fan of Sigourney Weaver's character because she seemed to just be there as the love interest. I wanted to be a ghostbuster, and this movie finally shows that strong women can occupy the hero role instead of the damsel in distress. Plus it was a hilarious summer flick.


I loved the film. It was original, slap stick funny, and just my type of Scooby Doo scary! My favorite part was either Chris trying to get the phone out of the aquarium or the Ally scenes.

The originals (yes, even Ghostbusters 2) were two of my favorites of all time, but I was excited for this to come out. I've now seen it twice. Sure, it has some jokes that don't quite land, but overall it's hilarious--I laughed way more than at the originals. It also has one of the most awesome ghost-fighting scenes I've seen. The reviews for this, as usual, seem very skewed by the mostly-male reviewing internet. So much so that I'm done even considering ratings on here when I choose movies.

Gwyneth W:

Funnier and scarier than I'd expected. Kate McKinnon did kinda steal the show, but no complaints.

Most of the original cast (Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis excepted) make cameos, but I think it's engaging without trying to either overdo the campiness or the nostalgia factor. There's some delightfully well-timed action sequences where the Ghostbusters theme shows up, and the "ghosts get loosed in New York" theme gets used again, but it's still pretty fresh and new.

Jane S:

Ghostbusters is a fresh take on one of the most beloved comedies of all time but still stays true to the original. The acting is good from all involved. Kate McKinnon steals every scene she's in as does Chris Hemsworth. Overall this movie is a bunch of fun from start to finish.

Those bashing this movie are, to point fingers and be blunt about it. The movie was perfect in every way. Of course, it wasn't end-all the BEST movie of the year nor a life-changing experience, but a reboot of an old classic! The characters were likable, and everything was reminiscent of the classics. The CGI ghost were FAR better than any previous ghostbusters movies, so that's definitely nothing to gripe about. Overall, it was funny, yet not overwhelmingly-so, and charming. I'd watch it again!


Brilliantly funny. Loved the cameos from the old cast and the subtle references to the previous films. Watched it in IMAX and the fx were amazing. Kevin is a fantastic character played flawlessly by Chris Hemsworth.

Kate McKinnon is magnificent in her role as the quirky inventor with swagger to spare. Entertaining, funny, awesome special effects and a fresh clever new take on a classic.

This was lots of fun! The audience cracked up throughout. So glad they kept the focus on the ghostbusters rather than the special effects. Really gave it heart. Loved the chemistry between the leads.

Special effects were cool. Jokes were silly, smart and not crude. There was adequate character development. I would have liked to have seen more from Kate McKinnon. She is hilarious on SNL and I thought her GB character was a bit awkward because she was given no development and very few lines.

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