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IMDB Rating:
James Foley
Dakota Johnson
Bella Heathcote
Jamie Dornan
Tyler Hoechlin
Release date:
10 Feb 2017
115 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Universal Pictures

Yes, it's very melodramatic. But who said that a melodramatic movie for teenage girls can't be good? I like the direction, the lights, and sometimes they message it's rooted on: when we love people, we love all their sides, even their darkest.


Brilliant movie, romantic just what you want and expect. The story is better and much more going on than in the first part! Actors upped their game and were so much sexier and connected.

Loved this sequel! A lot naughtier then the first one! Looking forward to the next!


I loved the story and jamie's body is amazing to look at.. what more could you want. It's a great movie for a girls night with a few laughs thrown into the story.

If you love the books you won't be disappointed. A lot lot better than the first film in so many ways. A perfect nod of the head to Dakota's mum in Working Girl. Make sure you stay for the end credits.


Loved it! watched it today. I felt 'Fifty Shades Darker' had more romance and insight into their relationship. To me it was a perfect run from the book. The critics clearly have not read the books or the ratings I feel would be higher. Even for the average Joe- who hasn't read the books- the movie was good.


This newest segment of the series will not disappoint true fans of the book or movie series. I will definitely be in line to buy the blu-ray the night it comes out, especially for the extra features I am sure will not disappoint. For those who are rating the movie, but haven't seen it and haven't read the books either, go back to Twitter and visit papa Trump. This movie is NOT trying to be an Oscar contender folks, this is light and fun and a great romp, pun intended. This movie does NOT try to make you think about social issues, it's just a break from the political drama and nonsense, where you can check out of all that and into a hot and steamy fantasy world. I will go see this movie once more in theaters.

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