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Tim Miller
Ryan Reynolds
Karan Soni
Ed Skrein
Michael Benyaer
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12 Feb 2016
108 min
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Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment, The Donners' Company, TSG Entertainment, Kinberg Genre
Amanda S:

Deadpool is nothing short of a fantastic film. Though clearly not for the whole family, it is not only the funniest film of the past few years, but the most faithful and unique comic book property since their conception.

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, he plays and portrays this character as perfectly as jackman as wolverine and Downey as Stark. He is perfectly cast as the merc, with great comedic timing. The supporting cast is also great with Miller and Baccharin being the highlights. The film is very funny, and will definitely cause the audience to laugh out loud with not only vocal gags but visual comedy as well. The film takes advantage of its r-rating, and becomes exactly what it needs to be. With a witty script and very well made action sequences, it results in a story where the romantic become the definition of a crowd pleaser.

Deadpool is not for everyone, for more sophisticated and sane people it will only be a decent film. The film also falters with underdeveloped villains as well as uninspired shots for dialogue sequences.

Overall Deadpool, is an amazing movie that should be seen by any fan of superhero movies. It'll be something to watch over again and again, finding new jokes every time.


I think a lot of people were genuinely surprised at Deadpool's success. As it stands, it's the highest R-rated film of all time. The movie grossed $771 million worldwide on a $58 million budget. I think some people might attribute that success to the fact that it's an R-rated superhero film in a world where superhero films are really tame and choose to play it safe. And there's something to that, I think that that was definitely part of the appeal, but it's not the entire reason the film was successful. We've had R-rated superhero movies before.

We had Spawn and two Punisher movies and neither of those films were as successful as Deadpool managed to be. Though, admittedly, the films I did mention came out at a time when superhero movies weren't as common as they are now, where you have several come out in the same year. The comparison still applies, since the R-rating didn't really help the film gain a bigger audience because, the audience that did see them, for some reason, didn't really like them and therefore it didn't have the word-of-mouth necessary for them to have legs. Though, I will say, that the Deadpool film was highly anticipated and I'm sure that a large group of fans told their group of friends and that sort of created even more anticipation. But, an R-rated film, if it's poorly written and it ends up being an unmitigated disaster, won't be successful, regardless if it takes a darker and raunchier approach to its content in comparison to other Marvel films.

Deadpool created curiosity because of its R-rating, but it followed it up with a really damn clever script, great performance from Ryan Reynolds, really cool action and just a completely different approach to the typical superhero movie out there. That's why the film succeeded, it was a combination of things, it can't be traced back to just one element. For my money, Deadpool is one of the most consistently entertaining superhero movies I've seen in fucking ages. Maybe that's a bit of hyperbole, since Guardians of the Galaxy only came out two years ago, but it's been a while since I've seen a superhero movie this delightfully entertaining. Part of the reason it's so great, and I have no problem saying that this is a great movie, is the fact is that Deadpool is completely different from every other superhero film in existence. It's self-aware, but it's not self-aware to the point of it being sickening like Family Guy.

It subverts the usual superhero tropes. Deadpool does what he wants, when he wants without really caring much for the consequences. Perhaps one, of the many things, I liked about the movie is how the story is so much simple and uncomplicated like Age of Ultron, which was just a fucking mess. And I don't mean that derisively, but there's not the whole 'saving the world' bullshit that you see in almost every superhero movie these days. This is, essentially, a love story mixed in with a revenge thriller with a lot of comedy and witty dialogue. Deadpool tries to save his lady love from the asshole that turned him into a mutant with some fucked up experiments and made him look like Freddy Krueger as a result of these experiments. That's it, simple and effective. And I say effective, because the love story itself is actually really good. Not like amazing or anything, but I could feel a connection between the two. Even with all of the raunchiness, dick jokes, bad language and violence, Vanessa and Wade feel like a legitimate couple and you really do want them to get back together.

I'm not saying that the film doesn't have its serious moments, since Wade does find himself having cancer at one point of the film, which leads him to contacting the people that will supposedly help him get rid of it, which is how he turns into a human. Deadpool readily admits that part of his reasoning for going after Francis, outside of being a dick who tortured him, is that he wants to be hot again as the procedure, again, has left his face completely fucked. But in spite of all of that, I do think that Wade Wilson is actually a really strong character. Not necessarily because of the fact that the character is funny, though that plays a big part of it, but I do think that the character has a strong personality and sense of reason. Yes, he may be an antihero and he may not play by, say, Captain America's rules, if they ever met up in the MCU, but he's got his own weird sense of morality. I was clear on his motivations from the moment the film started. From deciding to leave the love of his life, since he wants her to remember as he was and not as how the cancer would eventually make him, and his decision to avenge what Francis did to him. The motivations for the character are clear right from the start. And I think that's a big part of why Deadpool is such a strong character. You're with him and his quest from the moment the film starts. And that's not something a lot of superhero movies get right on their first try. Like I mentioned, the film is, honestly, really goddamn funny.

It's not just the fact that Deadpool is essentially a potty mouth, the movie does legitimately great comedic dialogue. Bad language for the sake of bad language is never funny and that's not this movie. The bad language only complements the great dialogue the film has. Again it's self-referential and it breaks the fourth wall constantly, even to the point they have Deadpool saying that the studio didn't have enough money to have another X-Man since there's only two in the entire film (Colossus and Negasonic). But, again, the film maintains a good balance, it never goes overboard with it. However, I do wish the film had more scenes between Deadpool and Al, his old, blind and black roommate. They have great chemistry and their scenes lead to some of Deadpool's most lines. It's tremendous. The action is also really quite good, so I can't complain about that. The fact is that the film, somehow, finds a way to keep getting better and better, there's no real moment where the film somehow drags. Which is another thing the movie shines at. Since the film keeps thing smaller scale, if it can be called that, that means that the movie doesn't need to be that long. And, really, I'd be surprised if the movie made past 1 hour and 45 minutes running time.

So, let's just say that it was 100 minutes long and that seemed to be the perfect amount for this, like they perfectly timed it out and ended it exactly at the point it needed to end. Part of the problem with a lot of these superhero movies, with a large ensemble cast covering various plot points all leading to the big 'saving the world' scene at the end, means that movies end up going over 2 hours in length. Of the major superhero releases of 2016 (excluding this one right here), Batman vs Superman, X-Men: Apocalypse and Captain American: Civil War all run an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes. At some point, really, there's gonna be points of all three of those films that are just gonna end up dragging because you're trying to juggle too many story elements at one time. And that's another thing Deadpool do so well, it cuts out the fat and tells a story that's easier to relate to. I know that might sound weird given the tone of the film and Deadpool as a character, but it really does. Oh and Ryan Reynolds was really the only choice for Deadpool. Because he has the same personality traits that the character has.

He's talkative, quick-witted and cynical when he needs to be. I know some fans were disappointed with Reynolds' casting due to Green Lantern being such a major bomb, but that film's failure was due to many things and none of those things can be traced back to Reynolds being cast as the lead. A lot of people may not like Reynolds, but I think that he's a really talented actor and this film is just another proof of that. The guy really is perfect as Deadpool and I can't imagine anyone else but him playing the character. And this goes back to before I even watched the movie, like I just thought he'd be perfect for the role and his performance in this film only validates my opinion even more.

The rest of the cast is really strong so, again, no real complaints on that front. Really, all in all, I loved this movie. Is it the best superhero/comic book movie I've ever seen? No, of course not. But god damn'it if I didn't end up enjoying this more than some of the more recent major Marvel offerings. Age of Ultron, I'm looking at you bitch. The worst thing that can happen to the Deadpool film rights is for them to revert back to Marvel studios. I'm not saying that Marvel can't do cool things with the character in their massive cinematic universe, but since Marvel is now owned by Disney, and their wishes to remain a family friendly company, I can just see Marvel toning down Deadpool. And I'm not saying that Deadpool can't be an effective character in a PG-13 setting, but Deadpool is really the superhero that this over-saturated market really needs.

I guess if you were to ask me why this movie was so successful, I'd guess I'd only have one word to say. Different. Now, of course, that's not all. But Deadpool really is completely different than every superhero out there and I think that people are getting a little tired of the same old, same old (despite the fact that superhero movies are still massively successful). But Deadpool does offer something that's different, but it's also a great movie in its own right. So, yea, I loved this movie. Please watch it. Deadpool has, to me, made superhero movies fun again. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy them anymore, but they've become so commonplace that it's almost impossible to get excited over them at this point. Deadpool has changed all that. I can't wait for the sequel. Great movie right here.

Patricia D:

Such a pleasant surprise to see the character of Deadpool given a second chance on the big screen, and not only succeed beyond all expectations, but to also spawn a sequel, and a rated R Wolverine coming to theaters to give Hugh Jackman one final sendoff for the character he made famous in 1999. Looks like 20th Century just grew a pair.

As for the film itself. The humor is top notch with nothing else quite like it. The whole film is an obvious parody of "Super Hero" films we know and love. My only complaint is the story feels a bit cliché. Had this been any other with Deadpool not having anything to do with it, it would have been a disaster. Although in this case people have been waiting for a Deadpool movie for so long they seem to overlook the weak plot, and that's forgivable for most people.

I hope the sequel does something fresh story wise next time. Because I feel It won't get a pass like this one did.

Heather P:
This is not only the funniest comedy in years, but it's also the best comic-to-screen adaptation of a super-hero yet. It's the most fun I've had in a theater with a super-hero movie so far, and it might not be the best superhero movie to date, but it is definitely my favorite (specially considering that I'm not the biggest superhero fan). It has an incredible amount of Easter eggs (and it's has extremely high re-watch-ability value). It's one of my favorite movies of the last couple of years, no doubt.
Liam P:
If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that Deadpool is the 100% most accurate comic book to movie adaptation of ALL TIME. In fact, it just might be the very best. I had an absolute blast watching Deadpool right from its phenomenal opening credits sequence and right to the very end. This movie has everything a Deadpool fan could ask for: Over the top violence and action, sex, nudity, a raunchy and hilarious (yet smart) sense of humor, strong profanity, and of course...breaking of the fourth-wall. And plus, it uses these things wisely thanks to its fantastic script. I mean this thing is just so incredibly well written...and it's a frickin origin story (and let's not forget...a love story) for god's sake! All of the other superhero films that come out today usually have an incredibly weak romantic subplot (if any)...but not in Deadpool! This is one of the things that really surprised me about Deadpool, Not to mention, Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin have brilliant chemistry together. Now for the average person who sees that Deadpool contains all these "rated R" qualities and ends up questioning that, then this movie is not for them. As for everyone else and in the spirit of Deadpool...you'll love the movie

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An amazing comic book adaptation. The script was flawless telling a dark but funny story in the most easiest way possible. Ryan Reynolds hit it out of park playing the title role in Deadpool, with T.J. Miller he was a good supporting character. The action scenes are well made without shaky cam as action movies do nowadays. Easily being one of the best movies of 2016, Deadpool is an insanely funny and action-filled anti-hero flick that is the start of a great Marvel superhero franchise.
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