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Anthony Russo
Joe Russo
Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr.
Scarlett Johansson
Sebastian Stan
Release date:
06 May 2016
147 min
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Marvel Studios
Amanda S:
At the end, Tony discovers the Winter Soldier killed his parents. Gets very upset and tries (really hard) to kill Bucky, Bucky & Cap do their best to avoid the Bucky-murder. Bucky tries to remove Iron Man’s chest reactor resulting in getting his bionic arm blown off. Cap does manage to stop IronMan by wedging his shield into the reactor and powering off Tony’s suit. Cap takes Bucky away to Wakanda, Tony goes back to the empty Avengers compound to help Rhodey rehabilitate. Bucky elects to go back into cryo-sleep until they can get rid of his latent brainwashing. Cap breaks the rest of the incarcerated avengers from Jail. Tony gets a letter from Cap saying he still can call him if he needs him or the rest of the avengers.
Loved 99% of the movie. My only objection is the ending. I wanted to see Stark or Rogers or Bucky die and the rest of the team in prison. Nobody died instead and nobody remained imprisoned. What did the Russos mean by saying that everything changes after the movie? The only thing I see changing is that most of the Avengers now mistrust Stark. It felt like a weak ending for an otherwise awesome comic book movie to me.
Patricia D:

I believe Tony will not have his own Avengers team, since:

– BlackWidow is also on the run from the government for helping Cap & Bucky escape the airport.

– Rhody (War Machine) has a long-term injury to recover from.

– After the airport fight, Tony realized Spidey is not yet ready, so he will mentor him away from the avengers.

– Doc Strange will will work with Avengers but probably not join the ranks (is how he is usually used in comics)

– T’Challa has a kingdom to run, plus now he is pro-Cap.

– but Mainly MCU Tony was already retired pre CivilWar & his demeanor post Civil War didnt seem to indicate he wanted to go back to full active duty.

IMO, post Civil War, there’s only one Avengers team, Cap’s.

Heather P:

Wow, I really enjoyed that. The time flew by and for a movie so full of character and story it didn’t feel overstuffed.

– The Zemo character was treated like The Mandarin in IM3 but was a driven, compelling villain with a complex plan but believable motivation. I expect it will get some hate from fans but they’ve got to update these villains for the modern age. And ‘world domination’ is villain end game you can only use in a few movies in a row before it loses all meaning.

-Anyone else think Rhodes will move toward operating a War Machine corps like in later day Avengers comics? Would keep him off the battlefield and Stark used similar tech in IM3.

– Spider-Man was great. Felt like they were going for some of that Deadpool dollar (and I know who was homaging who in the comics, so please don’t write in) with him quipping as he fought and slightly breaking the 4th wall by commenting on the physics, or lack thereof, of Cap’s shield. I feel like they’ve made him stronger too.

-This movie felt like a killing off of the legend. A much better version of what I felt like they were aiming for at the end of AoU. The movies will be smaller now I think, more personal. I wonder if people going after Bucky will be the narrative thread of the Black Panther movie? I need to look at an upcoming MCU film timeline so I can start thinking about what comes next.

– Ant Man was superb. A fantastic addition and when he went Giant Man? And grabbed War Machine out of the sky?? I was grinning ear to ear.

– I hope they do merchandise of the Winter Solider manual. I want a replica of that notebook.

– I think post IW, they will move away from Avengers movies and just have more team ups within individual films. They’ve nicely built towards a galactic threat, so where do you go from there? Go bigger and risk downplaying Thanos’ power. Smaller is the way to go.

Liam P:
Really, really enjoyed the Captain America Civil War Movie. I found the personal feel of it quite emotional, I’ve never felt that about a superhero movie before. The acting was superb. Not just ‘good for a comic book movie’ but just great acting full stop. Especially RDJ and Chris Evans in the build up to the final fight, the fact that I knew exactly what Stark was going to see on the video and it still feel incredibly tense is testament to the actors. The action scenes were great and thoroughly entertaining but the slower, more personal scenes are what sets this apart for me. A few have complained about the lack of deaths, I personally thought that Rhodey’s injury was a refreshing change – actual physical consequences for these heroes. I don’t think anyone had to die to make it more meaningful, the consequences of Zemo are clear – the Avengers will never have the same relationships again. Loved it.

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Captain America: Civil War is brilliant for many reasons. Every character has it's time in the spotlight. The fight scenes are awesome, and they are so suspenseful! There is plenty of humour too. This is the best on-screen Spidey I have ever seen. Black Panther is particulary awesome.
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