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IMDB Rating:
Tom McGrath
Miles Christopher Bakshi
Alec Baldwin
Eric Bell Jr.
Steve Buscemi
Release date:
31 Mar 2017
97 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, DreamWorks Animation
Bill M :

The kids chose this one, and they loved it. In fact, all the kids in the theater were laughing. If you can't laugh with the kids, what are you doing at a kids movie?

Bradley J :

DreamWorks has always favored frivolous humor over meaningful insight. They aren't Pixar. This isn't necessarily always a bad thing as they have had some solid hits in the recent years. Kung Fu Panda remains my favorite of the series from the studio. With The Boss Baby, their signature humor remains intact. I laughed quite often in the early stages of the film. Alec Baldwin is hilarious voicing the baby at the center, however, while I admire DreamWorks for getting ambitious with the concept of the film, it is almost so high-concept, that the core audience will be completely lost and the adults will shrug at how convoluted the many twists in the plot are. Still, The Boss Baby is frequently bouncy and frenetic and will entertain the kiddies, even if they don't get all the plot points. In the end, however, the need of the directors to pile on a thickly saccharine ending that keeps rolling on, makes the film end rather disingenuously.

Nick R :

I loved it. It's a really well structured movie about imagination, with a good moral and at least one very powerful iconic scene. It's the movie The Secret Life of Pets should have been. Though I will ding it one star for the awful Gandalf reference.

Konrad A :

Alec Baldwin is the man he did great in this movie. I thought that the boos was funny and sarcastic witch made it great I laughed a whole lot when I saw this movie! I think there was nothing wrong with this movie! So hears to a great Comedy!!!

Shawna I :

"The Baby Boss" movie is actually very interesting and humorous. I think that the animated babies in this film are extraordinarily cute and lovely. I personally recommend this hilarious movie for all different ages, ranging from children to even old ones.

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