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IMDB Rating:
Alexandre Lehmann
Mark Duplass
Sarah Paulson
Clu Gulager
James Andrews
Release date:
11 Oct 2016
80 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Duplass Brothers Productions, Netflix, Orchard

Duplass overacts in this one scene toward the end and that really took me out of the story, but other than that I really liked "Blue Jay". I love dialogue-driven films and this film is all about two people talking. I loved the two central performances, I loved the naturalistic dialogue, I loved the intimate black-and-white cinematography, and I really liked how it is a story about nostalgia and memories. I believed in the characters and felt for them. It's a wonderful little drama full of laughs and feelings.

Manaal R.:

This movie literally made my heart ache, in a good way. the film from the very beginning starts squeezing your heart and continues to squeeze your heart until the climax, where it rips your heart apart. when the movie end you are left to put your heart back together and it takes a good 2 and a half days. this movie is so unlike anything ive seen in a while. its simultaneously tender and heart wrenching. underneath the sweet and calm surface it filled to the brim with tension and angst. blue jay makes you think about who you are now and who you thought you'd be. this movie is a true gem.

Chris I.:

Highly enjoyable 90 minutes. Tremendous acting by two very appealing leads. I watched both smiling for much of it while at the same time nervous and one eye closed as to where it was going for the two. Felt awfully real and uncomfortable at times but sure entertaining. Sorry to see it end so soon. Would have enjoyed spending more time with them.

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