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IMDB Rating:
Bill Condon
Emma Watson
Dan Stevens
Luke Evans
Josh Gad
Release date:
17 Mar 2017
129 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
Walt Disney Pictures, Mandeville Films
Shawn S :

The music is superb, the cast is excellent, and the visual effects, makeup, cinematography, and production design are all gorgeous.


I watched Beauty and the Beast last night! My most anticipated film of 2017!

Every scene was amazing and nostalgic, it's a roller coaster of feels! When Emma Watson started singing the opening song "Belle", you just lose yourself! You get mesmerized to the fact that your favorite childhood cartoon is alive!

Every song number was perfect! "Be Our Guest" was glorious! To see fully animated characters come to life singing and dancing, "course by course, one by one", it's just magical! The ballroom scene was the highlight of every highlights in this film! When Emma Thompson "Mrs. Potts" started singing the titular song "Beauty and the Beast", then Belle and the Beast hold hands and started dancing, I startled and it just gave me goosebumps.

The animation was top notch! All characters was spot on! When Emma Watson walks down the staircase in that iconic yellow ball gown, that's the moment you realize "Emma IS Belle."! Luke Evans as "Gaston" was great and his singing prowess is remarkable. Josh Gad as "Le Fou" was also a highlight!

Overall, the movie did not disappoint and stayed faithful as much as possible to the 1991 animated musical while adding fresh bits and filling up plot holes that the original film had! I'm pretty sure you will love every bit of it as much as I did especially when you grew up watching Disney classics.


STUNNING! Absolutely gorgeous. It's a Beauty and the Beast for a whole new generation. Emma Watson and Dan Steven are perfect in their roles. Although, Emma Watson is not going to win a grammy anytime soon, the story feels more real with introducing new scenes between Belle and Beast. Another instant Disney classic.

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