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IMDB Rating:
Justin Kurzel
Michael Fassbender
Marion Cotillard
Jeremy Irons
Brendan Gleeson
Release date:
21 Dec 2016
115 min
MPAA Rating:
Production company(s):
20th Century Fox, Regency Enterprises, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Ubisoft, CatchPlay, Syncopy, New Regency Pictures, Hong Kong Alpha Motion Pictures Co., Latina Pictures, RatPac Entertainment, Alpha Motion Pictures, DMC Films, Ubisoft Entertainment, Mo
Tyler W :

The film had it's drawbacks, but they were overshadowed by the constant action. The story didn't slow down as slow as it should have at times but that was made up for in how fun it was to watch. It was enjoyable and memorable. Not to mention the cinematography. It was on point along with the acting and choreography. Honestly; better than any superhero film that has come out this year. And I will say the one negative that keeps poking on the brain is that it relied just a bit on the fact that they assumed everybody played the games, but overall; it exceeded my expectations and is a game changer for video game movies.

David M :

Assassins Creed has proven that not all video game movies have to be bad. I would recommend the movie for any fan of the game. While non-gamers may not understand the full premise of the story it will still be enjoyable. While the movie does have its flaws, it's still an amazing movie

Patrick G :

Like seriously they stayed true to the games and it got me intrigued about Callum and his future evolution. Yes there are a few pacing issues but overall good. I don't see why critics are so harsh actually they seem to be way more harsher than normal.

Adryan A :

The acting was on point and not overdone. The special effects blended well between reality and memory. The movie is definitely a prelude of more to follow. I've played the video games and have a strong understanding of the plot and purpose of the film. Go into the movie with an open mind and read up on the games and it'll allow for a positive experience as opposed to one developed by the naysayers.

David P :

Aside from the wonky interpretation of the Animus and being about 15 minutes too long, this was beautiful fan service. The action choreography was satisfying and intense, the cinematographic homages to imagery from the source franchise were captivating, and the expositional filler serving to inform of the tenants of the Creed and Order were digestible. Fassbender and Cotillard were wonderful. I honestly don't understand all of the negativity surrounding the movie, and it hurts my little heart knowing the critical response will most certainly negate the plans for a trilogy. All I keep hearing is that it's only sensical to fanboys. So what? The source material is a multi-billion dollar success for a reason. It's rich and methodical, weaving through a complex historical timeline. I wish everyone would go see this movie to send a message to Ubisoft that their work is appreciated, but I guess I'll have to hope they pick up the pieces and integrate them into the next game's lore in 2017.

Jacob H :

This movie is quite divisive in nature. On one hand, I found this movie to be very true to the Assassins Creed games; full of fan service and video game like moments. However, those same plot points would seem pointless, even confusing to the uninitiated. The film follows the protagonist through various times of the past, with little to no payoff other then some fantastic fights. These fights feel separate from the overarching story, but feel right at home as levels in an Assassins Creed game. I could not recommend this movie to those that have never played an Assassins Creed game, but for those that have, I highly recommend it.

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